March 23rd, 2020 | Applying for Benefits | admin

Unlike some offices, the Social Security Administration has embraced technology. As part of efforts to reduce the backlog of cases at the SSA hearing offices, video teleconferencing (VTC) has been adopted for remote hearings. Today we’ll discuss what to expect from your video hearing—and how it’s easier to apply for SSI in Halifax with the help of our attorney.

Improved Accessibility and Wait Times

There are many benefits to opting for this kind of hearing, including better timing and accessibility. In some cases, in-person hearings may be scheduled up to a year in advance and require the claimant to travel hundreds of miles to a hearing court. You can see how this can be an issue for individuals whose occupation, personal responsibilities, and/or disability would make a potentially far trek a real challenge. Cases scheduled for a VTC hearing are also likely to receive an earlier date, allowing needed benefits to be disbursed more quickly.

A Typical Hearing—Plus Distance

Besides the obvious intervention of technology, a hearing proceeds over VTC the way it would in person. The judge will appear to you on a screen and ask questions to ascertain your level of education, employment background and the impact of your medical issues on your life. You should prepare to answer questions directed towards you the same way you would for an in-person hearing; study your claim, gather your thoughts, and dress to make a good impression.

If you decide to apply for SSI in Halifax with the help of an attorney, your representative will be able to speak on your behalf during the trial. If your strategy includes procuring a doctor, vocational expert, or witness to testify during your trial, they will also be invited to the tele-conference. Anyone you ask to testify on your behalf at the hearing can help make a case for the severity of your condition and what kind of work you may be able to do while living with it.

Video Conferencing Via Our Halifax Office

One of the unfortunate drawbacks of opting for a VTC hearing is that technical difficulties can interrupt communication. Over the years, video conferencing technology has made significant advancements—still, poor connection, audio quality, and video clarity can negatively impact how you come across during the hearing. Joel Cunningham Law Group, PC has a video center that can be used by any client for their remote hearing when they apply for SSI in Halifax. Contact us today to learn more.