October 7th, 2017 | | admin

For a law firm, Cunningham Law Group offers a rare service: helping you find health insurance.

Elizabeth Cunningham – who is married to Joel Cunningham Jr. – is our health care navigator.

She’s a registered nurse who’s also trained to locate affordable insurance, help you register for it and help you appeal if you lose coverage.

Elizabeth can also help find clinics offering free or affordable treatment options.

This isn’t just a convenience. It can be crucial to your Social Security Disability case.

If you can’t work because of your health, you might lose health insurance. But you need to show a record of medical treatment to qualify for Social Security Disability.

Elizabeth also helps explain medical records and terms for you.

She speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Creole French.

As a member of the Halifax County Chamber of Commerce and Business Squared, she helps Cunningham Law Group stay involved in the community.

Like her husband Joel, Elizabeth is inspired in her work by the story of her parents.

They were both immigrants who didn’t have insurance. When her Dad got cancer, he didn’t receive any treatment because of the cost.

That experience gave her a lifelong passion for helping people. She considers it her mission to help people struggling with illness and disabilities.