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    Social Security Disability Lawyer Halifax

    What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

    If it’s been several years since you were able to work fulltime – or you haven’t been able to work much because of your health problems – the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a disability program that might give you some financial relief.

    Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, covers you if you don’t have the recent work history needed to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

    These circumstances could qualify you for SSI:

    • You have a disability that prevents you from working.
    • You are blind.
    • You are 65 or older.
    • You have limited income.
    • You have limited assets or resources.

    If you’re eligible for SSI, you likely also can qualify for Medicaid and food assistance. Medicaid helps pay for hospital stays, doctor visits, prescriptions and other health care costs.

    Showing a record of medical treatment is important to proving your disability case.
    The Cunningham Law Group can help you navigate all of your options.

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    The Difference Between SSDI and SSI

    The difference between SSDI and SSI is how you qualify financially.

    Both programs are for people whose health problems prevent them from working.

    Both programs help people with the same kinds of medical conditions. For adults, the SSA keeps the same list of impairments for SSDI and SSI.

    If you’re wondering which program is right for you, let Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. and his team at Cunningham Law Group help you determine what’s best.

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    SSI Benefits Halifax


    When you’re dealing with health problems, you can’t work and you’re struggling financially, you’re going through a hard time.

    A lot of people don’t understand what it’s like. At Cunningham Law Group, we do.

    Our mission is to remove some of the stress you face when applying for SSI benefits. We’ll take over the work of proving your medical condition, so you can focus on your health.

    Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. believes in getting to know you and your needs. He will meet you face to face.

    If you need to appeal an SSI denial and talk to one of Social Security’s administrative law judges in a hearing, you can come to our office in Halifax and do it by video.

    We’ll do everything we can to make the process as comfortable and dignified as possible for you.

    We help with your application. And if you receive a denial, we help you appeal through every step level of the process.

    Call us today for help with either your SSI or your SSDI claim.

    What Does It Cost to Hire Cunningham Law Group?

    With everything else you’re going through, it’s natural to worry about affording a lawyer.

    For your SSI case, however, you get financial relief. You don’t pay any attorney’s fee until we win benefits for you.

    Even then, our attorney’s fee comes out of past-due benefits that Social Security owes you. These benefits date back to when you first had a qualifying disability. So you don’t use any money you already have.

    And the Social Security Administration (SSA) also limits how much of your back benefits can go to attorneys’ fees. The fee is capped at 25% of back benefits.

    The SSA also approves all fees before they go to an attorney. Hiring an attorney means little risk and the best advantage for you.

    The SSA itself says your chances of winning benefits are higher with an experienced lawyer.

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