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    Disability Attorneys

    A Financial Safeguard for YOU

    Just like its name suggests, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a form of insurance policy. In this case, it’s insurance run by the government.

    When you worked, you paid for it with deductions from your paychecks.

    It’s supposed to be there for you if health problems make it impossible for you to keep working.

    At Cunningham Law Group, we see southern Virginians with a lot of different physical and mental health problems:

    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • ADHD
    • High blood pressure
    • Lung disease
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Back impairments

    Maybe you never imagined asking the government for help, but don’t forget this is something you worked for and earned.

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    You Deserve Personal Attention

    You’re already dealing with health problems, a job loss and financial worries. You wonder how you’re going to keep your home, your car and put food on the table.

    This is one of the hardest times in your life. You deserve a lawyer who puts care and attention into your case. You want someone who will listen to you.
    Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. takes time getting to know you and your situation, in person.

    The whole team at Cunningham Law Group is dedicated to making the process of applying – or appealing – for Social Security Disability benefits as comfortable for you as possible.

    We’re the only law firm in the southern Virginia region with a video conference center in our law office in Halifax, so you can come here when you need to speak with a Social Security administrative law judge, instead of traveling to their office.

    It’s also unusual for a law firm to provide a service helping you find health insurance, but we do. We make a trained health care navigator available to you.

    These are signs of our commitment to providing you with respect and dignity.

    We also keep an law office in Hopewell and proudly serve people from Danville, Petersburg, Farmville, Lynchburg, Richmond and all across southern Virginia.

    And, we’ll evaluate your case for free.
    Benefits of Applying for SSDI

    SSDI Benefits

    A lot of people think applying for SSDI benefits is easy. But it’s not. It’s a process involving many steps that can take a long time.

    You have to show the Social Security Administration that you meet its strict definition of “disabled”.

    You have to document all of the following:

    • You’re unable to work fulltime because of health problems.
    • You’ll be unable to work for at least one full year.
    • You worked at least five of the last 10 years and earned credits by paying Social Security taxes.

    At Cunningham Law Group, we take the burden off of you to prove all of this to Social Security.

    Talk to us about your case.

    Appealing an SSDI Denial

    Getting a denial letter from Social Security can be heartbreaking. But don’t lose hope. Your case is far from over.

    In fact, most people get denied Social Security Disability benefits the first time they apply. You should appeal your claim.

    IMPORTANT: Social Security has a 60-day deadline for appealing your denied claim. So, don’t wait. CALL US NOW!

    The attorneys and staff at Cunningham Law Group will help you make a strong appeal. We’ll gather the medical documents, employment records and personal statements you need for success.

    Social Security’s own numbers show that you have a better chance of winning benefits if you have a lawyer.

    Social Security Disability

    What Does it Cost to HIRE Cunningham Law Group?

    With everything else you’re going through, it’s natural to worry about affording a lawyer.

    For your SSDI case, however, you get financial relief. You don’t pay any attorney’s fee until we win benefits for you.

    Even then, our attorney’s fee comes out of past-due benefits that Social Security owes you. These benefits date back to when your health first pushed you out of work. So, you don’t use any money you already have.

    And the Social Security Administration (SSA) also limits how much of your back benefits can go to attorneys’ fees. The fee is capped at 25% of back benefits.

    The SSA also approves all fees before they go to an attorney. Hiring an attorney means little risk and the best advantage for you.

    We’ll also evaluate your case for free.