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Next Steps After Being Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

If you’ve been denied social security in Halifax or the surrounding areas, you may be wondering why your disability claim was denied and what your next options may be. The number one thing to keep in mind is that you should not give up hope. There are steps you can take that will greatly improve your chances of receiving the disability benefits you deserve.

Possible Reasons Your Disability Benefits Claim Was Denied

The first and most important step you can take is to understand why your claim was denied in the first place. Knowing the reason will help increase your chances of a successful appeal, as you will now have a chance to correct what the SSA found was lacking or problematic.

There are a variety of reasons why a claim may be denied, including:

  • Lack of Medical Evidence
  • Too Much Income
  • Not Following Your Designated Treatment Plan
  • Refiling Your Claim
  • Not Cooperating With the Social Security Administration

It can be confusing to attempt to figure out the reason behind the denial, which is why we advise you to contact Joel Cunningham Law Group, an experienced disability lawyer in Halifax, to help you proceed through your next steps.

Appeal the Denial

About 70% of applicants have their initial claim denied by the SSA. As we already said, it’s important not to lose hope. Some claimants make the mistake of reapplying for Social Security disability benefits again, which is a major mistake.

Social Security Disability Benefits

If your initial claim was denied, there’s very little chance a secondary claim with the same information would be approved. Your best bet is to appeal the decision.

What Should You Expect During the Appeals Process

The first step in the appeals process is to file a request for reconsideration. What this entails is basically turning in the same paperwork a second time for another SSA representative to consider.

Submitting Your Appeal

Having an experienced SSDI attorney in Halifax can make all the difference in submitting your appeal. A knowledgeable attorney will fully understand the best way to present the facts regarding your disability, which can greatly increase your chances that your claim will be approved.

Along with any new medical evidence that you have accrued since your original claim, it might be beneficial to have your doctor fill out a Residual Function Capacity (RFC) form. This will help demonstrate your inability to work, describe your condition and symptoms, as well as show the impact they are having on your daily life.

Preparing for Your Disability Hearing

More often than not, your claim will go to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. This is the person who will hear your case as to why you should receive Social Security Disability benefits.

These hearings often include medical experts, who will ask you questions about your symptoms and advise the judge about the medical matters of your claim.

It is imperative that you consult with a disability lawyer to prepare for your hearing, and to make sure you have all important documentation. Your attorney will also make sure you are thoroughly prepared to answer the most common questions asked at these hearings.

Consult With A Social Security Attorney in Halifax

The law offices of Joel Cunningham Law Group have the necessary experience to help successfully appeal denied social security claims. We’ll take on your case and do everything we can to help you get the benefits you need and deserve! We invite you to contact us today for your free consultation.