May 11th, 2020 | Personal Injury | admin

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit in Halifax, photos can be even more valuable. Once everyone is safe, and the police have been notified of the accident, it’s a good idea to take photos of the site of the crash. Photographic and video evidence is considered among the most reliable forms of proof besides eyewitness testimony.

You should never prioritize taking photos over taking care of your injuries after an accident or making sure that another injured person has the help they need. If you are indisposed, asking a trusted person to take photos on your behalf can be a great help. Here are some of the most important shots you will want to capture at the site of the crash.

An Overview of the Scene

If it is safe to do so, step back to take a photo which shows the entire scene. You may want to get more than one angle. Overview photos should show things like the position of cars in relation to one another, the location and visibility of traffic signals, and the weather conditions.

Damage Caused by the Accident

Photographing the damage caused by the accident (both to vehicles and other property) helps establish the effects of the impact. Try to take multiple photos from different angles. Whether you end up filing a lawsuit or defending yourself, these images will serve to establish the facts.

Witnesses and Injuries

Never take anyone’s photo without their consent. Taking photos of eye witnesses at the scene can help them be identified later for court purposes. If the person is comfortable with it, photographing their injuries at the scene can also help. Many people also continue to photograph their injury as it heals.

Relevant Documents

Even after the most minor impact, it’s expected that drivers exchange license and insurance information. Taking clear photos of these documents is not only easier, it can also be used to help identify invalid or fraudulent, expired, or otherwise insufficient paperwork.

Personal Injury and Social Security Disability in Halifax

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