If you or a loved one has been injured due to another person’s carelessness or wrongdoing, you have the right to pursue monetary compensation. In these cases, a demonstration of physical, financial, or psychological harm serves as evidence. The party liable in these cases may be an individual, business, or even a municipal entity.

Workplace Accident

In almost all cases, accidents in the workplace that result in an injury must be addressed as a claim to the employer’s insurance. Virginia workers compensation is a mandatory, employer-funded insurance set up to remedy personal injury claims. If your employer does not have insurance, there may be additional legal options available to you.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Millions of Americans are injured every year in motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles. Whether you’re a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, you may be entitled to compensation if another party’s reckless actions resulted in injury on the road.

Medical Malpractice

Negligent behavior from medical professionals can (and often does) result in serious, life-changing injuries. Surgical errors, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose, pharmacy errors, and misdiagnosis are only a few types of issues that can be litigated.

Premises Liability

If you’re injured while on someone else’s ill-maintained, hazardous property, you may be able to sue the owner of that lot. These accidents can take place almost anywhere, including gas stations, stores, public or private swimming pools, or at a restaurant.

Products Liability

Injuries that occur as a result of a dangerous or defective product may call for a products liability suit. Dangerous drugs, malfunctioning children’s toys, and defective medical devices are some examples of products that may result in this type of lawsuit. Products can be defective by design, manufacture, or byway of misleading claims found in advertising.

Wrongful Death

This type of case is reserved for situations that have resulted in fatalities. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit opens up unique avenues of damage recovery not available in cases where non-lethal injuries have transpired.

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It should be noted that some personal injury cases will fall outside of these categories. If you’ve been injured and believe someone else was at fault, our law office may be able to help you secure compensation. Call us today to set up a free consultation for a personal injury suit or if you are looking to apply for SSI in Halifax.

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