Special Service
for Southern Virginians

When health problems stop you from working, it’s a personal matter. You’re proud of the work you did. It feels strange asking for help.

So for your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim, you deserve personal attention, care and respect.

Out-of-town law firms might think of you like a number. If you live in southern Virginia, get a lawyer committed to helping you like a neighbor.

Hiring a lawyer who knows the local system can make a big difference for you. At Cunningham Law Group, we know local doctors, local Social Security offices and local experts who might testify on your case.

With offices in Halifax and Hopewell, we’re proud to help people in cities and towns across southern Virginia:

Wherever you are in southern Virginia, we can start your case by phone and mail, if that’s easiest for you.

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Hear froM Someone Just Like You

Thank you Mr. Cunningham, for being there to help me in my time of need.

- Doug

Video Option for Your Hearing

When you have a hearing with an administrative law judge on appealing your Social Security Disability claim, usually your only choice is traveling to their office.

You have another, more comfortable option when you hire Cunningham Law Group.

We worked with the Social Security Administration to establish a video hearing center in our Halifax office.

That could save you travel time and let you speak to the judge in a familiar, friendly setting. Instead of going to a Social Security office in Danville, Farmville, Lynchburg, Charlottesville or Richmond, you can come to us.

This is a mark of our commitment to do everything we can to help you when you need disability benefits.

It should be simple to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, but it takes a lot work. Anything that eases the process can help.

It’s easy to get nervous meeting a judge. With video hearings, we give you confidence and dignity.

Social Security Disability Attorney

Deep Virginia Roots

When someone has a passion to help you because they share in your community, it makes a big difference.

Cunningham Law Group has deep roots in southern Virginia. Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. grew up on a farm here. Even today, he lives in the southern Virginia countryside and loves it.

He believes in supporting our communities and people.

Our firm gets its values from Joel’s father, Joel C. Cunningham, who dedicated himself to helping Virginians in need because of bad health and job losses.

Joel C. Cunningham’s community dedication extended all the way to his service as the first African-American judge in Virginia’s 10th Judicial Circuit.

With our background of service, we know the importance of listening to you and paying attention to your needs.

Let’s get you past this hard time in your life.

We’ll evaluate your case for free.