If you are looking to apply for disability in Halifax or you’ve been approved and you are receiving benefits, you may be wondering how your current or future marriage may affect your benefits. The SSI benefits application and the hearing processes can be long and complex, and we are here to help you work through it all, no matter your particular circumstances. If you have questions regarding your benefits and your current or upcoming marriage, please reach out to our attorney to see how this will affect your situation.

Who Is Considered a Spouse?

In the SSI program, you are considered to be married if you are legally married and are living together. In some particular situations, if you are living with your partner and not legally married, but interact with the community as husband and wife, your partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend’s income may affect you. If you apply for disability in Halifax or receive SSI, and you enter into a Domestic Partnership or Civil Union, you are only affected by this decision if you and your partner decide to live together. If your partner helps you pay for your food or housing expenses, Social Security may decide to lower your monthly payment.

Can Getting Married Affect My Eligibility?

The process of determining how a spouse or partner’s income may affect your disability is a complex process and requires the help of an experienced SSI attorney. Specifically, marriage itself does not affect your eligibility for SSI benefits, rather, your spouse’s income level can possibly make you ineligible for benefits. Their income level can also reduce your benefits relative to your income amount.

The Process of Deeming Spousal Income

If you are ready to apply for disability in Halifax, and your husband, wife, or partner makes an income, Social Security has a process for “deeming” some of their income to be available for your use. Especially in the case that your husband, wife, or partner makes a large income, deemable income will come into play. If their sizable income is determined to be available for your use, it can lower your SSI payment, or, in some cases, make you ineligible for Disability Benefits altogether.

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