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When To Hire An Attorney for Nursing Home Abuse in Virginia

Many people agonize over the decision to place a loved one in a long-term care facility, and when they decide to move forward, they invest countless hours in research. It takes time to visit facilities, speak with staff, figure out finances, and choose where their loved one will live. 

When someone begins to suspect their family member is being mistreated, neglected, or abused, the accompanying sense of dread is unlike any other. Not only does it feel like the research and time invested was a waste and that your trust was betrayed, the worry and fear for your loved one’s safety can be absolutely overwhelming.

In short, the best time to reach out to a Virginia elder abuse attorney is when you first suspect your family member may be nursing home neglect or abuse. An experienced attorney will help you gather the evidence you need to support your case, and walk you through the process of filing the claim. 

Elder Neglect-Older woman with her face buried in her hands.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing home abuse and neglect can be physical and/or emotional, so there are several signs you can look for. Some of these will be obvious, and others may require further interaction with your loved one.

  • Lack of Personal Hygiene (body odor, greasy hair, dirty skin)
  • Dirty Clothes and/or Bedding 
  • Broken/Missing Personal Items (glasses, canes)
  • Unusual Bleeding/Bruising/Sores/Infection
  • Severe Weight Loss
  • Unexplained Changes in Mood/Personality/Sleep
  • Inconsistent/Missing Medication

You may be able to determine if your loved one is a victim of abuse by asking them some specific questions, or by asking trusted staff members. If you are unsure who to trust, consult with your attorney for guidance. Often, if your loved one is being manipulated or abused by a staff member, that person will not want to leave you alone with your loved one, or your loved one may physically retract in fear when that person approaches. 

It’s important to recognize that your loved one feels helpless, and may be threatened by their abuser when you are not around. While it may be difficult to suss out the truth, it is the only way to ensure your loved one is safe and being properly cared for. If you find yourself in need of a nursing home abuse law firm in the Halifax area, call the Cunningham Law Group for a free consultation. We are here to help and are happy to provide a free case review.