Caring for You Beyond Your Case

You could hire a lawyer who focuses on your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) case, or your personal injury case, and then stop there.

Or you could hire a lawyer who cares about your well-being long after your legal case is done.

Not many law firms help you find health insurance. But with a trained health care navigator on the team, Cunningham Law Group does.

You might have a family doctor who sees you for all kinds of ailments. Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. can be your family lawyer.

If you need help with health insurance – or other legal questions like power of attorney and wills – you can come back to us, people you know and trust.

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Patient Advocate / Navigator
Hear from Someone Just Like You

Thank you Mr. Cunningham, for being there to help me in my time of need.

- Doug

Help with the Health Care Puzzle

Understanding health plans is complicated and confusing for just about everyone.

Elizabeth Cunningham – who is married to Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. at Cunningham Law Group – is specially trained as a health care navigator to help you find and enroll in the right health insurance for you.

She’s also a registered nurse, giving her extra insight into the kind of coverage you need.

She can explain health insurance options to you, help you register for coverage and help you appeal if you lost coverage, for example because of a divorce that happened after an enrollment period closed.

To help non-English speakers, she speaks three foreign languages: Spanish, Portuguese and Creole French.

Joel Cunningham Jr. also is trained and licensed as an insurance agent who can help you with Medicare health coverage.

Social Security Disability Insurance


If you have a Social Security Disability case, getting medical treatment and providing documentation of it is important for proving to Social Security that your health problems are severe enough to keep you from work.

But if your health conditions have forced you out of work, you might not have insurance to pay for treatment.

Health Care Navigator Elizabeth Cunningham helps you through this confusion.

She can help you find new insurance. And she can help find affordable or free clinics where you can receive the care you need.

Someone Who Cares

Cunningham Law Group’s health insurance navigator service is part of our commitment to provide caring attention to legal clients.

For your disability case, we believe in meeting you in person, listening to you and getting to know you. Most law firms aren’t so personal.

For your personal injury case, we move fast after your wreck to ensure you get the best possible deal from the insurance company.

Even if you don’t have a case right now, we care about your well-being and can help you find health care.

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Social Security Disability