When health problems stop you from working, you might think winning Social Security Disability benefits would be pretty simple.
In an ideal world, it would be easy. In reality, it’s not.

The Social Security Administration has a strict definition of what qualifies as a “disability.”

You could qualify with back impairments, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, high blood pressure and many other ailments. But you’ll need the right medical evidence and work history documentation to win benefits.

The process can be long and difficult.

That’s why you need a lawyer who treats your case with care and takes some of the stress out of applying for disability benefits.

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Social Security Disability Benefits Danville

Find Out if SSD Is Right for You


Find Out if SSI Is Right for You

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You’re already dealing with your medical condition. You’re dealing with job loss and financial worries.
If you could go back to work, you’d do it today.

If you didn’t have to ask for help, you wouldn’t.

At Cunningham Law Group, we know this is a painful time for you. We’re determined to bring dignity and respect to your case.

Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. will meet with you personally.

You can also see our dedication to helping you with Social Security Disability benefits in the video conference center we set up in our Halifax office.

We installed the video center to make you more comfortable for your hearing with an administrative law judge from Social Security.

Rather than traveling to their office, you can come to our familiar, friendly space.

We also maintain an office in Hopewell. And we’re proud to serve our neighbors in Danville, Petersburg, Farmville, Lynchburg, Richmond and across southern Virginia.

We’ll help you apply for benefits.

And if you received a denial, we’ll help you appeal, all the way to federal court if necessary.

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SSDI Benefits Danville


The Social Security Administration has two kinds of disability benefits.

Your work history and financial situation determine which one is right for you.

As hard as it is to seek help when health problems have disrupted your life, you should know that SSDI exists for this purpose.

You paid into it when you worked, so you earned the right to benefits when a disability keeps you from working.

SSDI has a few basic requirements:

  • You’re unable to work fulltime because of health problems.
  • You’ll be unable to work for at least one full year.
  • You worked at least five of the last 10 years and earned credits by paying Social Security taxes.


SSI is for people with disabilities who haven’t been able to work enough to pay Social Security taxes and qualify for SSDI.

It’s meant to help you pay bills and give you some independence.

For SSI, you have to meet a different set of requirements:

  • You have a qualifying disability.
  • Your income and your assets are below certain amounts.
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