Let’s Talk About Your Case

If you can’t work because of your health, this might be one of the hardest times in your life.

You worked for years and took care of others, now you’re in the uncomfortable position of asking others for help.

When you need Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you also need someone who will listen to you. You need someone who understands what you’re going through. You need someone who treats you with respect and dignity.

With deep roots and a long tradition of helping people in southern Virginia, Cunningham Law Group will give you the personal attention you deserve.

Social Security Disability Benefits

What We Do for You

It seems like it should be a straightforward process when you need disability benefits. But it can be long and complicated. Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. and the team at Cunningham Law Group believe in taking time getting to know you and your situation. That’s different from a lot of law firms that just try to push through as many cases as they can. Our mission is to make your experience better:

  • We’ll meet you face-to-face.
  • We’ll evaluate your case for free.
  • We’ll host you for a video hearing with a judge.
  • We’ll help you find health insurance and treatment.

Get Your Life Back

You’re going through a hard time now. But with the financial relief you can get from disability benefits, you can focus on moving forward with your life. Let us help you make it to happier times. Contact us today.