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The Social Security Administration does not require you to hire a lawyer when you apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. However, statistics show that your claim is more likely to be approved if you have legal representation. If you have already applied for benefits and your claim has been denied, you may be thinking about filing your own appeal. While you can of course do this, you are much more likely to achieve a successful result if you contact an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer near Halifax.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

While you are not required to hire a lawyer, you will be responsible for satisfying all the requirements necessary to appeal your claim. These requirements include meeting important deadlines since you only have 60 days from the denial date to request an appeal hearing. Complete medical records will need to be gathered and provided to the SSA for them to make a determination. These things take time and can be complicated for anyone who is unfamiliar with the SSA system.

How Will a Social Security Disability Lawyer Near Halifax Help?

Just because your original application was denied, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never receive the benefits you deserve. Your application may have been incomplete, or you may have failed to meet other specified requirements. That’s where Joel Cunningham Law can help.

Working with our knowledgeable legal team can provide several benefits when it comes to your Social Security Disability appeal. We will make sure your paperwork is completed properly and filed on time. We can also work with your doctor to obtain any relevant medical records. Additionally, we can ensure your doctor understands exactly what needs to be included in your paperwork as well as request a supporting opinion such as a residual functional capacity form (RFC), which can be extremely helpful to your case.

Lastly, an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer will be able to prepare you for the questions you are likely to be asked at your hearing so you will be able to respond with confidence.

Let Us Help You

We fully understand how important being able to collect SSD benefits is to anyone experiencing a physical or mental disability. We further understand that the stress of the appeals process can have a negative affect on your health and well-being. Let our dedicated legal team help you understand the appeals process and take care of all the legal legwork involved in preparing your case – so you can concentrate on rest, rehabilitation, and recuperation.

We won’t simply handle the oral arguments, paperwork, and the appeal; we can also monitor your SSD benefits to ensure you are receiving everything you are supposed to. Reach out to our knowledgeable SSD appeal attorney now to schedule a free consultation. You have nothing to lose.