If you’ve been denied social security disability in Halifax, do not give up! Did you know that around 70% of claimants are denied at the initial application level? Luckily, there is an appeals process in place for denied applicants so you can have your case reconsidered.

Hire An Experienced Attorney

At Cunningham Law Group, we can assist you with your case in order to aid your approval chances. We make sure that you fully understand the legal process and make it as comfortable as possible for you. Even though the appeals process can be time-consuming, we make sure to walk you through each step, helping you to understand specific deadlines and more. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can help you with the following:

  • Someone to walk you through all the complications that can be difficult to understand
  • The ability to craft the strongest case possible
  • A dedicated attorney who can help you with documents and records on the social security office navigation

The Process

Once you receive your denial letter, you’ll have 60 days to appeal the decision through several stages, components, and legal issues. There are four steps in Virginia to be aware of:

  • Reconsideration: A request for reconsideration means you are asking the government to review your case again. If no errors were found in the initial application process and there is no new and compelling medical evidence, you may not be successful.
  • Hearing Before An ALJ: If your reconsideration request is denied as well, you will request a hearing before an administrative law judge. If you have significant evidence gathered and good legal arguments, you could be successful at this level.
  • Appeals Council Review: If you do not agree with the judge’s decision, you can ask for the social security appeals council to reconsider your case.
  • Federal Court: If you disagree with the appeals council’s decision, you can appeal your case to the United States court system.

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When you’re struggling with illness, injury, or a denied social security disability claim in Halifax, you need a law firm that has its values in the right place. Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. and his staff members value meeting you face-to-face and getting to know you personally to make sure you’re comfortable with the entire process. We value your dignity and want to make the legal process seamless for your unique situation. Call us today at 800.544.4262 or contact us through our website.

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